lemons new england 2009

for the 2009 lemons race in new england our team “nut job”is back again this year. we have picked up a decent conditionĀ 88 toyota mr for a couple hundred bucks. it has no rear brakes but is otherwise in great condition.

our completed 2008 raceĀ car:


our to be completed 2009 race car:

91 toyota mr2
88 toyota mr2 - the raw materials

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sailing trip 2005

I will try to put the 2005 trip here from the old site.

Hudson River Sailing Trip 2005

So somehow the brilliant idea of sailing up (and later back down) the Hudson River came to me in a feverish historical nightmare. Of course after seeing all the horrors that such a journey would entail, I promptly recruited any fool who would listen. Lucky for me my knowledge of fools is great. Far greater than my knowledge of sailing. Surprisingly my brother Ethan agreed to my proposition for the north passage. Along with him came a good friend of his, Diago, who’s apparently always up for adventure.

We actually shipped out of Brooklyn at 2pm on Tuesday June 8th and arrived in Albany on Friday at 11:30am, traveling some 130 nautical miles over those three days. It was a long, long trip.

Saturday June 19th. The return trip I had thought would be much faster and easier because of the river’s flow, but that proved to be false. Ethan was in no mood to make this return passage, but Diago was all for it. My mom and sister came along for the short ride from Troy to Albany with us and we all had a snack and a drink at the Riverfront Bar and Grill. Diago and I left Albany (hesitantly as the river was looking rough and the wind was howling) at 5pm after downing a few pints of liquid courage and were not to arrive back in Brooklyn until 7am on Tuesday the 22nd. We were not alone the entire time because lucky for us my friend Courtney was adventurous enough to take the train from NYC to meet us Sunday night in Newburg to voyage with us on Monday.

Brooklyn -> Albany Albany -> Brooklyn