Annapolis. Stylin’

This week I am an assistant stylist and I am in Maryland.

Right now in Annapolis.

Even the strip malls are nautical here.

Anyway, I’ve been in Maryland for about a week now. Not that I’ve seen much more than a hotel room and a casino tour. You see being a stylist is just another job that doesn’t live up to the hype. Instead of strolling onto set for a few hours to make models look fabulous and then jetting off to fancy lunches with designers, a stylist spends 16 hours a day sorting crappy clothes. Putting them on hangers. Then putting them in bags. Then on hangers. Then on a model. Then on a hanger. Then into a bag.

Oh, there’s steaming and ironing. And getting asinine instructions and conflicting information.

For every moment of glory there are a dozen of downtrodden shame.

Pictures to come.